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Eskimo Kissez

Unraveling Slowly

3 November
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I'm Riane. I obsess over Greys Anatomy and Gilmore Girls, but I also sometimes watch Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill. I love fanfiction, Maddison (mark/addie), Java Junkie (Luke/Lorelai) and Literati (Rory/Jess) being my favorites.
I dont post very often (at all) so dont expect much..I mostly lurk around fanfiction communities and icon communities, and the occasional music communities.
I love to read and listen to music. I'm always up for new suggestions for bands, mostly Alternative...
I'd love some new friends, so friend me if you're interested in anything that I am..or even if you're not
I'm retartedly crazy, so be warned

30 seconds to mars, addison montgomery, addison sheperd, addison shepherd, addison/mark, alex karev, alexis bledel, alexis/milo, andrew mcmahon, angelina jolie, audioslave, bands, beaches, ben folds five, books, boys like girls, brad pitt, cristina yang, damien rice, dane cook, dashboard confessional, derek shepherd, desperate housewives, dispatch, dr. bailey, dr. mcdreamy, ellen pompeo, eric dane, eve 6, eve6, fall out boy, fan fiction, fanart, fanfiction, ferryboats, friends, general hospital, george o'malley, gilmore girls, graphics, grey's anatomy, grey's anatomy music, heath ledger, heroes, house md, icons, izzie stevens, jack's mannequin, jake gyllenhaal, java junkies, jeffrey dean morgan, jess mariano, jess/rory, jimmy eat world, john mayer, johnny depp, kate havnevik, kate walsh, katherine heigl, keane, keira knightley, kristen bell, lauren graham, lexzie, lifehouse, lisa loeb, literati, logan/veronica, lorelai gilmore, luke danes, luke/lorelai, maddison, mark sloan, maroon 5, matt czuchry, mcdreamy, mcsteamy, mer/der, merder, michael buble, milo ventimiglia, motion city soundtrack, music, oasis, one tree hill, orlando bloom, panic! at the disco, patrick dempsey, pirates of the caribbean, plain white t's, preston burke, project runway, rachel mcadams, reese witherspoon, regina spektor, relient k, rory gilmore, rory/jess, sandra oh, scott patterson, shonda rhimes, snow patrol, something corporate, sookie st. james, sports, sugarcult, switchfoot, the academy is..., the breakfast club, the fray, the killers, the notebook, the strokes, veronica mars, vertical horizon, vienna teng, yellowcard